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Bell and Frank Barr

Frank and Bell Barr have been creating Faerie Houses since 1997. What began simply as goofing around with clay, copper, and steel in the studio has evolved into a lifestyle. "We view the Faerie Houses as a physical incarnation of the faerie spirit - a willing imagination, a playful heart, and an appreciation of the present moment."

The faeries have helped guide the evolution of the Faerie Houses. While the houses are adorned with architectural detail like window eaves and boxes, they don't need these things, just our imaginations.

The faeries encourage us to tuck a bell in each house to help us be aware of their presence. So even if you don't see your faeries, you'll be able to hear them when their wings flutter the bell.

Each Faerie House is hand-made from the molding of the clay to the painting of the glaze. This means that each Faerie House is unique. As the faeries would tell us, "The imperfect is perfect in its own way."

They can be kept outside all year long.




Cottage on Stem


Bell Tower on Stem


Tomatoes on Stems


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