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Nathan Hatch

The son of two artists, Nathan Hatch has been immersed in art all of his life.  Although he enjoys all artistic media, he gravitated towards sculpture as his focus in his late teen years.  Hatch attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with an emphasis in sculpture.  It was at UWM that Hatch was first given the opportunity to work in a foundry and cast his own bronze work.  This would remain his primary sculptural media while at UWM.  Though not abandoning it, he has since moved away from exclusively producing bronze pieces to hone his fabricating skills and create large scale steel sculptures.

In September, Hatch will pursue a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Kentucky, as well as instructing incoming freshmen classes as a TA in the Art Department.  His focus is public art and working hand in hand with architects and urban planners to create unique sculptural landscapes.  The majority of his work can be categorized as abstract expressionism with industrial over tones.  His sculptures also reflect the Minimalist, Cubist and De Stijl approach to monumental sculptures.

In addition to his sculptural work, Hatch as had a life long passion for the craft of fine furniture.  Having grown up in a wood shop and learning from his father, the trade has become second nature.  His contemporary style integrates metal, wood, stone and glass to create unique modern designs.  Currently, Hatch finds himself creating a wide variety of sculptural furniture.  He hopes everyone who views his furniture can identify with his work.

After meeting him, you come to realize that Hatch lives both for and through his work!









Wine Rack

Teak, Slate and Steel


Hall Table

Mahogany, Teak, Steel


Swoop Table

Mahogany and Steel

Wine Rack

Mahogany, Teak and Steel




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