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Ed Lazzeroni

I have been an artist all my life.  My professional expression of art came in the form of industrial design.  Through this work, I came to love and appreciate the qualities of metal, its malleability and reflectivity.  I like to sculpt with metal flat stock, to use cutting tools to interrupt its surface, to chemically etch it, to torch it and to alter the texture by sanding or grinding it.

For the past several years, I have been best known for using metal as a canvas to create two dimensional or somewhat three dimensional wall art.  I use all of the above processes in my work.  In addition, I work with acrylic paint.  Over time, I have become increasingly fascinated with the characteristics of the paint as well as the metal.  I sometimes apply the paint more thickly and using different tools—larger brushes, palette knives and squeegees, for instance.

The subject matter of my work is varied, as I continue my exploratory journey.  I have painted many landscapes and waterscapes, created two and three dimensional floral studies and occasionally done still lives.

I was recently exposed to a large retrospective of the work of the famous German artist, Gerhard Richter.  I have given much thought to the way he applies and layers his colors to achieve beautiful abstract works.  Like all visual artists, I am sensitive to the world I see around me, and enthused and intrigued by the wonderful work of other artists and artisans.


Sussex Lake


Blue Study

Fall Birch

Quiet Lake


Sun on the Water

Elusive Place II



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